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Linear Finance (Lina) Listed on Binance

Linear Finance (Lina) Listed on Binance, How to get Lina coin?


Binance Launchpad continues to offer opportunities to its users. The Lina protocol is listed on the Binance exchange. You can participate by staking BNB on Launchpad. The Binance launchpad system, which has become very popular in the last months, also mediates us to witness a record investment event. So how to buy Lina coin?

Linear Finance (Lina) Listed on Binance, How to get Lina coin
Linear Finance (Lina) Listed on Binance, How to get Lina coin

Linear Finance (Lina) Listed on Binance, How to buy?

You can participate in the pre-listing sale by staking BNB on Binance Launchpad. Please read the terms before joining.

Token information:

(LINA) - Cross Chain Compatible, Decentralized Synthetic Entity Protocol

Social Channels

Project Presentation

It is a linear, cross-chain compatible, decentralized synthetic entity protocol. Linear allows retail users to create, trade, and manage synthetic assets (Liquids) cost-effectively and quickly.

Since Linear is built on both Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Ethereum, users can trade Linear's assets in both Defi ecosystems and use them as Defi building blocks.

This is achieved by using fast public blockchains such as BSC as a solution. This provides scalability and cost savings against existing solutions and connectivity between Defi assets in different blockchains. Linear's first cross-chain integration is with BSC and then with Polkadot.

Although Linear's transactions are carried out on the BSC, Linear maintains the connection with the Ethereum network through the exchange functionality. This allows users to convert their Fluids between Ethereum (ERC-20) and BSC (BEP-20), providing reproducibility and accessibility between Defi protocols on Ethereum and BSC.

Linear's identifier (LINA) serves as the backbone of the protocol, and Linear's dApps are used in both Linear Buildr and Linear Exchange. LINA tokens have the following use cases:

- LINA token holders can deposit and collateral LINA tokens to the protocol to generate ℓUSD.

- ℓUSD can be used to purchase Liquid in Linear Change or used in other Defi protocols.

- Users printing ℓUSD are eligible for staking rewards and part of transaction fees generated in Linear Exchange.

- LINA token holders will be able to participate in the Linear DAO and vote on protocol topics such as synthetic asset lists, fee revenue splits, margin rate, and other Linear improvement proposals.

Key Features and Points

Strategic Investors: Successfully raised $ 2 million from key strategic investors such as Linear, Hashed, CMS, NGC, Alameda Research, Genesis Block Ventures, and Huobi Global.

Technical Advances: Both the mainnet Linear Buildr and the mainnet Linear Exchange were launched on Binance Smart Chain in January 2021 and are currently live for staking and trading synthetic assets. Linear plans to continually introduce additional trading functions, more synthetic assets (thematic indices and ultimately stocks) and additional integrations with other public blockchains.

Live Community and User Base: Linear Europe, North America, China, Korea, Vietnam, there are communities in Russia and Turkey Telegram, Discord, spread our social media channels like Twitter and WeChat has more than 10,000 users.

LINA Discounted Sales and Economy

Upper limit

1.800.000 USD

Total Token Supply LINA

Current Supply in Circulation

1,539,738,926 LINA (15.4% of Total Token Supply as of March 17, 2021)

Discounted Sale Price

1 LINA = 0.00031044 BNB (0.08537279 USD, using 275 USD BNB price)

Token on Offer

21.084.000 LINA

Upper Limit Per User

USD 3,000 (10.90909091 BNB)

Discounted Sales Vesting Period

No locking

Token Type

ERC20, BEP20

Token Distribution

To be completed before starting to trade #Lina #Lienar #Binance

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