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How to buy Tokocrypto in the UK? How to Stake BNB on Binance?

How to buy Tokocrypto in the UK? How to Stake BNB on Binance?

Greetings, Binance is announcing another opportunity rather than just new listing news. Tokocrypto takes its place on the Binance exchange, which you can easily buy in the UK. Binance, which has offered investors many earning opportunities in the last year, is again realizing a breakthrough that has whetted the appetite of investors around the world. Although Tokocyrpto is only one of the market's expected opportunities, it aims to reach a large investor mass, especially in the European and Asian markets. Thousands of people had managed to make excellent profits in deals that previously took place on Binance in the same format of staking and listing. A new one is added to these opportunities. How to buy Tokocrypto in the UK? How to Stake BNB on Binance? You can find answers to your questions in the video in our article and detailed information in our article. We recommend that you trade according to UK tax laws.

How to buy Tokocrypto in the UK? How to Stake BNB on Binance?
How to buy Tokocrypto in the UK? How to Stake BNB on Binance?

Project Presentation

Founded in 2018, Tokocrypto is Indonesia's fastest-growing digital asset exchange in terms of trade volumes and user registrations.

The Tokocrypto platform allows users to:

- Gain access to a rapidly growing crypto exchange

- Get investment visibility in the Indonesian market

- Take advantage of the large flow of crypto users in Indonesia

- Participate in decentralized offers

- Access to generate cross-chain returns for large numbers of assets

- Digital collections and creative assets powered by TKO

Join TKO NFT Arcade, Indonesia's first of its kind for

Tokocrypto's TKO token will be the first local Indonesian cryptocurrency project to offer a unique swap token model, with token holders token transaction fee discounts, participation in deposit and savings programs, cross-platform Defi use cases, and an NFT marketplace.

Key Features and Points

Strong Community Support: Over the past four years, Tokocrypto has many, including more than 30,000 weekly active traders, $ 25,000,000 daily trading volume, more than 123,000 downloads since the launch of the mobile app in October 2020, and more than 200,000 registered users have achieved a milestone.

Holistic CeFi and Defi Approach: Offering a reliable CeFi model through Tokocrypto's native implementation, TKO easily connects uninitiated audiences to crypto finance. Together, TKO provides a smooth transition for CeFi users to transition to more advanced Defi opportunities.

NFT Market: Tokocrypto will lead the Indonesian NFT scene with "TKO NFT Arcade", Indonesia's first of its kind for digital collections and creative assets.

Seamless User Experience: Tokocrypto has launched Tokocrypto 2.0, an upgraded crypto exchange powered by Binance Cloud, an infrastructure solution for customers and partners to launch digital asset exchanges leveraging Binance's industry-leading technology, security, and liquidity.

Regulatory Compliance: The first crypto exchange in Indonesia to be officially registered and regulated by the Commodity Futures Trade Regulatory Authority (BAPPEBTI).

TKO Token Sale and Economy

Upper limit

7.500.000 USD

Total Token Supply

500.000.000 TKO

Current Supply in Circulation

21.7% of Total Token Supply

Discounted Sale Price

0.10 USD (price in BNB, to be completed before participation)

Token on Offer

75,000,000 TKO (15.0% of Total Token Supply)

Upper Limit Per User

20,000 USD (price in BNB, to be determined first of the project part)

Discounted Sales Vesting Period

No locking

Token Type

0.1 USD

Token Distribution

1.0% of Total Token Supply

Special Sales Vesting Period

6-month gap; 8.33% monthly unlocking later

Token Type


Token Distribution

After the token sale ends

How to buy Tokocrypto? How to Stake BNB on Binance? Video narration:

Binance Announcement:

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